Hola chicos! Como cada mes os enseño una selección de las cosas que he ido haciendo! Podéis seguirme a través de instagram (funandchic) y ver todas mis actualizaciones. Espero que os gusten chicos! muchos besos y hasta mañana!
Hello guys! Today I show you my pics of this month. You can follow me on instagram my nick is (funandchic) I hope you follow me and like this post! Tomorrow more! Kisses for all!
Some pics that you can see on my blog
1. lovely day. 2. playing with chachito. 3. my order from Sheinside just arrived. 4. shopping
my beautiful city
1. new booties. 2. romantic collar. 3. velvet. 4.love my new booties
love this pic
me and Christmas lights in my room
with my love
friends and me
1. this weekend let´s go to see ´´The Hobbit``. 2.pou is a dog. 3. Love the cats!! 4. Autumn
I´m Twilight´s fan!! 1. Breaking down part 1. 2.Breaking down part 2. 3. Let´s go to the cinema to see Breaking down. 4. Kristen Stewart outfits
Typical in Seville
Beanie now and beanie when I was a baby
Christmas tree
1. simple day. 2. dinner with friends. 3. lunch with mum and after shopping. 4. making photos for my blog

differents outfits


  1. q bonita q es sevilla. y q poco t qda pa los 1000 seguidores amor